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While flying back home after the holidays from Burbank CA, we experienced mechanical delays for over 24 hours. We were forced to purchase tickets to return home from us air for $1200. Skybus refuses to reimburse the costs associated in this and has no responsibility in the matter.

They have no 800 phone number. No number at all! You can not call them. What does that tell you about a company? They are a new start up out of Columbus Ohio. Not only did they charge us for our luggage for the flight that never flew, but refused to credit it back. I received a partial credit back on the unused flight but they subtracted $120 for "change ticket fees". You have got to be kidding me!!??

This flight never left the door due to their errors, but they charge the customer. Please pass on to all.

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Well, I'm writing this comment from my desk at work while I'm supposed to be on vacation with my fiance's family in North Carolina.What happened?

Where to start. We booked a "great deal" roundtrip from "Hartford" to Greensboro. First off, "Hartford" is actually Chicopee regional airport. I twice drove by the airport as it's in an office park and the terminal looks like all the other warehouse on the street.

The waiting area and ticket counter reminded me of the waiting area at the DMV (plastic folding chairs and soda machines). Not a good sign. Our flight was scheduled to depart "Hartford" at 4:30. At 3:30 some guy in a Skybus t-shirt announces due to mechanical issues in Greensboro the flight from Greensboro to "Hartford" (which is the same plane we take back to Greensboro) is being delayed so we will leave at 6:30.

OK, no big deal I thought. I'd rather they deal with the mechanical issue that send us up in an unsafe situation. After another hour, Mr. T-shirt comes back over and announces that they are still addressing the issue and now the plane may be delayed until 9:00 pm or canceled outright.

Well to make a long story short, the plane was eventually canceled and fortunately we were able to get a refund for the flight (hopefully...We'll find out when the credit card statement comes in), and also fortunately we were able to get back in our car and drive back home (they refused to reimburse my $20 pre-pay for parking, but that's a whole other issue). However, there were tens of stranded passengers left at the "bus depot" with nowhere to go and no guarantee that they would ever get to their destination since Skybus doesn't acknowledge priority for canceled flights. And by this point the 3 or 4 staff people there with Skybus were of little help and/or concern of the stranded people. Also, Mr.

T-shirt got his info on the flight status directly from Skybus' website, which was a little unnerving. Isn't there people you can call? One funny note is according to my fiance's father, the flight display at the Greensboro airport said that our flight had arrived on time to Greensboro. Apparently they forgot to tell the airport that they weren't flying that day.

My advice is to be very cautious with Skybus.

The incredibly cheap fares and terrific on paper and very tempting to take advantage of. Just remember, you're usually getting what you paid for. Our weekend plans were ruined.

Next time, we'll suck it up and pony up a few more dollars to fly with a traditional airline.Best of luck to you.

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Skybus SUCKS we flew from columbus to Ft. Lauderdale and there *** computers were down and we had to wait over 1/2 hour for them to hand write tickets for baggage and b/c of wait they said it would be no charge.

then when my credit card statement showed up i had $45 in charges. I wrote them 5 emails before they finally responed and said I wasnt over charged that the charges were for the 8 other people in our group even though i was only paying for my and my husbands bags

and the problem with that is that they also charged 2 more people in my group's credit cards, for the same bags.. lying bags of ***.

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